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Long-term Living

Exceptional Care from a Dedicated Team

As we grow older, health challenges can isolate us and decrease our ability to do the things we enjoy. At Country View Living, our Long-term Living program gives you the extra help you need. Your family can rest assured that you are offered support and assistance to keep you active and enjoying life.

As a resident at Country View Living’s Long-term Living, you will have a personalized care plan built around your specific needs and preferences. In both our private and semi-private accommodations, you will find comfortable furnishings, around-the-clock care, and help with the activities of daily living.



Features and Amenities

Long-term Living provides you with the support and care you need.

  • On-site rehabilitation gym supported by local Castro County Healthcare therapists through Welch Rehab
  • In-house medical services provided by local physicians at our on-site exam room
  • Comprehensive individualized care plan that ensures all aspects of care are met
  • On-site recreation programs such as art activities, music, and exercise
  • A large living area that opens to a secured, covered patio
  • Family events and special celebrations
  • Salt Water Aquarium – In our East Wing we have a Salt Water Aquarium that our resident’s and guest can enjoy.
  • Aviary – In our Long-term Living private rooms section, there is an Aviary with multiple finches that residents and guest can enjoy.